What's for Lunch in MSAD#1

Director: Kathy Allen
Phone: 207-764-0792 • Fax: 207-764-7723

MSAD#1 is pleased to make these school lunch menus available on our web site.

Presque Isle High School
Presque Isle Middle School
Mapleton Elementary School
Pine Street Elementary School
Zippel Elementary School

2013-2014 School Lunch Prices:

  Breakfast Lunch
Elementary $1.30 $2.10
Middle School $1.30 $2.35
High School $1.30 $2.50
Adult $2.00 $4.65

Reduced lunch: .40
Reduced Breakfast: .00

Let Myschoolbucks make your life easier with electronic payment option for your child’s school account! If you wish to register for this program, go to: and click on the “REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT” button, choose “Maine” and then “MSAD#1 Presque Isle”, add your information. Once the account has been registered, log in to your account and add your student information.

Please contact your student’s school for his/her student ID number. Detailed information can be found at web site. Please allow two school days for the deposits to be uploaded on student accounts. Mobile app is also available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathy Allen at 764-0792.

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Maine School Administrative District #1
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Last updated: August 27, 2014