PIHS Tribute Bricks Project

    There is an exciting project underway at Presque Isle High School. The Tribute Brick Project is being sponsored by the PIHS Student Council.

    During the summer of 2000, a beautiful engraved brick arrangement was constructed on the PIHS lawn on the corner of Griffin and Blake Streets. This area has recently been embellished with gardens, flowering shrubs, benches and picnic tables and has become a favorite place for students to gather at lunchtime, before and after school. brick walkway
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    close up of bricks The brick display is made up of individually engraved bricks. These tribute bricks will honor former and present students, families, citizens, special events, times and milestones that make (or have made) Presque Isle High School and our community a special place.

    These bricks will make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, graduation or for just about any occasion, and they are permanent!

    The PIHS Student Council invites you to consider purchasing a tribute brick to honor that "special someone." We believe the "Tribute Brick Project" will become a distinguished focal point to be enjoyed by our school as well as by our community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the tribute bricks cost?

      Each individual brick, which measures 4" x 8", will cost $50.00. All prices include brick engraving, shipping, installation, landscaping and maintenance. A commemorative certificate accompanies each purchase.

  • What are the bricks for?

      Individually engraved tribute bricks will be placed to form a display on the south lawn of Presque Isle High School. They may be purchased by individuals, groups or businesses to honor people and/or events that have been a part of PIHS or our community.

  • Why are we undertaking this project?

      We were looking for a new and unique way to raise funds for PIHS events. We also thought it would be nice to make a permanent display of people and times in our community's history.

  • Where will the Tribute Brick Project be?

      It will be constructed on the south lawn of PIHS on the corner of Griffin and Fort Streets where flowers, shrubs, picnic tables and benches are located.

  • Who or what might be honored on a brick?

      Students, graduates (future and past), families, clubs, teams, advisors, coaches, retired faculty and staff - any person or moment contributing to PIHS or our area's history. Tribute bricks are a permanent way to say "thank you" or to honor an achievement or milestone in someone's life. In an effort to avoid a "cemetary appearance," the Tribute Brick Project will not list birth-death dates of an honoree; however, deceased students, graduates or staff may be honored by their achievements, contributions or dates they were at PIHS or living in the community.

  • Where do the bricks come from?

      The bricks will be purchased from Brickmarkers, USA. If you'd like more information, please visit their web site at www.brickmarkers.com

  • How often are bricks added to the park?

      Once annually, usually in late September, although orders may be placed year-round.

  • Who may I contact to purchase a brick or find out more information?

      For your convenience, you may print out and mail our online order form with your payment. If you have questions about the Tribute Brick Project Project, please contact Donna Lisnik, PIHS Principal. You may e-mail her at donna.lisnik@sad1.org or call her at 764-0121.

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Last updated: May 7, 2012